Wednesday, June 8, 2011

AZÚCAR, A Caribbean Celebration @ the Neighborhood Theatre_June 03, 2011

¡Azúcar! A Caribbean Celebration
By Giovanna Carrascosa
On Friday, June 3, 2011, the Latin American Coalition held another great event at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte. The event was called “¡Azúcar! A Caribbean Celebration" which means sugar in Spanish. The famous word “Azúcar” was coined by the late great Cuban singer Celia Cruz. The event that was put together by the Latin American Coalition brings together the Spanish speaking Caribbean countries; as well as other Latinos in the community for a night of dancing, food, and music.
The show first started with basic Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata lessons, from Charlotte Salsa World Dance Center, to get the crowd ready for the night a head. The show later was divided into three parts, representing all the three Spanish speaking Caribbean countries. First performance featured Cuba’s music from a group called Son De Cuba, a group of eight who played songs such as “Guantanamera”, “Son de la Loma”, and “Manicero” which are traditional Cuban music as homage to the late great Celia Cruz.
Second performance featured dancers representing the Dominican Republic, dancing Bachata and Merengue. In between performances, dancers Rodrigo and Wendy Jiménez, from the Charlotte Salsa World Dance Center performed beautifully choreographed Cuban dances such as guaguancó and the cha cha cha. The night ended with music from Orquestra Mayor, representing Puerto Rico playing songs such as  “Brujería”, “Por ella”, “El jolgorio”, “Así son”, “Preciosa” and two songs written by Serralde called “Homejane al latino” and “Si supieras”.
The theatre was packed with crowds dancing in isles, the dance floor in front of the stage, and anywhere else they can find space to dance. The event was still going on as it was nearing midnight. It was a great night, where all Latinos were able to unite together for a wonderful time filled with dancing, food, and music.

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